our scat friends

a couple Alan and Nancy we know who love scat pee

our sweet scat  friend Louise Hunter that we talked with her on the phone twice

our scat personal girl friend  pretty Lisa xx

our new scat friends Susan and Marc

scat net friends couple Laura and Bernard

Daniel and his scat-girl friend was our new scat friends couple but now they  split 3 weeks a go  we are very sad for him cause she let him down he`s a good guy

Claude and Christine are our friends French scat couple they are very extreme we love it 

Cathy and Daniel are British scat couple we talked sometimes on the phone  nice couple very kinky as us

Our scat friends Veronika and Hans German sweet couple

Kira and her husband our Italians scat friends

Peggy is our girl friend for many years but we play scat pee once 5 years a go with her, it was her first experience and she not disliked but she wont repeat  this experience but shes still our friend

Vero was my ex-girlfriend but now she`s married with another guy

My personal friend Brownkisser and her scat girl

Vanessa our scat girl friend from Italy she have master named Escorpi >

my scat good friend Richard alias Klodysseus with my idol Ingrid

Heide and Marc are our scat friends they are German