Last summer we played scat pee outside it was really messy and horny , now each time we cant wait for summer to play scat ,pee outside again ,we  intended to repeat this experience this summer at the nudist beach not far from the wood ,scat for us is a question of feeling and to be dirty in nature





many thanks to all of you guys  for watching  the show, we did  Saturday night on  on cam, we hope you enjoyed ,it was very excited to us and we felt very horny  when we did scat pee spit games in front of you live with full shit smearing eating poop ect.. ,we hope you came a lot ,we will do a next show soon so stay tuned for more info ,it was a nice chatting with our fans and good interaction between you and us



realmente necesito acceder a videos scat esta practica me esta gustando mucho si podrian decirme donde encontrar materia se los agradeceria

scat-porn tubes

Contact me i'll very pleased to speak with u!

are you woman or male?

bonjour a vous deux,je voudrais tout simplement vous dire bravo de pouvoir vivre vos fantasmes et de ne pas avoir peur de vous afficher tel que vous êtes bravo encore,depuis quelques temps ,je suis attiré par tout se qui touche le coté scat alors votre blog est très bien fait,dommage que je ne sois pas une femme....d'un gars de la région de montréal

merci c`est gentil

this is what we want to try with another woman ,we love this threesome

this is what we want to try with another woman ,we love this threesome

hi are you female or couple or male?

hi are you female or couple or male?

love scat

Hi friends………


we are from Finland Helsinki area. may be we can travel one day to each other:)

you seems to be a very interesting couple but unfortunately we are looking for single bi woman but good luck in your research

Hi there. How does one go about finding a forum in their area of other people/couples that are looking for scat partners? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Hope you're well and staying warm up there.

try eroprofile or singlextreme

Hi, very nice blog and photos:-) I was wondering if you had any advice on how to find a girl into scat in Montreal. As you are probably well aware it's quite a rare thing you're sharing and it's not easy to find a like minded woman. Well once again congratulations on your blog!

to find a girl in Montreal is hard because this is a big taboos here in Quebec we have the same problem as you but good luck anyway

and thanks

how did you build up there courage to come out and tell your story?

oh its easier for us we are both exhibitionist and its natural to us to say this kind of stuff ,no shy about anything

Yay! Happy to find you here too. :)

thank you

Hello! Im very interested in your 3some!

sorry only bi female accepted

I'm a bisexual man. Wondering where I can find women and MF couples who are into scat. Forums, dating sites, fetish sites, whatever.

sorry we cant help you maybe try